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Our Literary Journal

True to You is for youth around the world to share an authentic perspective on global issues, and shape the future of tomorrow. Through serving as both a creative outlet, and a literary publication, we strive to empower youth to enact change through literary means. Writers can submit pieces spanning a vast array of topics, ranging from how COVID-19 has impacted them, to stories of activism and community change.


As an online student based publication, we only accept submissions from individuals under the age of 18.


Literary Magazine:

3 times a year, True to You will publish a selective collection of poems, and short stories curated by youth. These 3 Issues will each revolve around a single theme that will be released every 4 months. These themes will be more abstract compared to our article prompts so that writers can have freedom to express their creativity.


Our current theme for Issue #1 is:


  1. Belonging

Submissions for Issue #1 is due on December 23rd, 2021.

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