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True to You is for youth around the world to share an authentic perspective on global issues, and shape the future of tomorrow. Through serving as both a creative outlet, and a journalism publication, we strive to empower youth to enact change through literary and artistic means. Writers can submit pieces spanning a vast array of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Current Events

  • Politics

  • Economics

  • Cultural

  • Social Justice Issues

    • Gender Inequality​

    • Gun Violence

    • LGBTQ+ Rights

    • Voting Rights

    • Climate Change

    • Economic Justice

As an online student based publication, we only accept submissions from individuals under the age of 22.


Contributors to True to You can submit articles on their own schedule, but we prefer you to have a monthly commitment of at least 1 composition. We accept articles that are between 300 to 600 words, and 100 to 200-word supplements to complement photography submissions. Please keep titles below ten words.

Our journal is open to writers and photographers from anywhere in the world. However, we do require all articles to be written predominantly in English. On top of article and photography submissions, True to You sometimes accepts other pieces in the form of poetry and prose, as long as they pertain to current events or a topic in social justice.

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