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Nature Has Caught the Contagion

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

by Pulkita Anand

There are viral emotions and pandemic thoughts

Nature has caught the contagion and wants

To be on the top of the chart.

The cookies of the dogs and birds

Are lost and sold to the companies.

Snow is not behind them, though

It’s too proud and started erasing its signs.

Now, seasons do not follow any tradition,

And rain is crossing and intruding on cold

Cold is cold to stretch.

Summer is slumbering on the banks

And is enjoying leisure with the soaring mercury.

Ah! The seasons are struggling,

There is a great conflict of emotions

and interest, no one is ready to budge

Everyone is in a tearing hurry

No one is listening to no one

Might is right; to miss is a fool

Utter chaos about policy matters

Summer spilt on rain

Rain annoyed and avoided eye contact

Cold is considerate but responds coldly

about anything, a cold war is going on between seasons

The sun is showing his majesty and grandeur

Sucking and sapping salubrious things

An urgent meeting is called to handle it

Endangered species from different parts of the world

are called to address it. (media is flooded with unprecedented flood news)

Migratory birds are protesting the meeting

And rivers have stopped their communication in some parts

Ice is grieving for his sisters and has started crying incessantly

But seasons have a reason for reasonable men….


Pulkita Anand is from India. Find more of her work in the various literary journals she has been published in.

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