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a moment for all students, for the history books

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

by Reyhann Aryan Kumar

In the realm of justice, a solemn decree, Affirmative action banned, a seismic

plea. Debates ignite, passions aflame, Seeking a fairer world, we stake our


Paths diverge, futures unfold, Consequences uncertain, stories untold. Will

progress be hindered, hopes restrained? Or can we find new ways, harmony


Unity we seek, amidst diversity's embrace, For justice endures, in every trace.

Together we'll strive, hand in hand, Building a brighter future, where all can


Though hurdles arise, and challenges persist, Our resolve unyielding, we

won't desist. With empathy and strength, we'll chart a new course, Where

equality triumphs, unifying our force.

In the aftermath of this moment profound, Let compassion prevail, our

common ground. For justice knows no bounds, it transcends time, And in

unity's embrace, our souls will climb.

So let us stand tall, and shoulder the fight, Championing justice, with

unwavering might. For in a longer journey, hope will arise, And the ban's

shadows shall give way to brighter skies.


Reyhaan Aryan Kumar is a 16-year-old from New Delhi, India. From a young age, he has loved books and poetry. Reyhann hopes to share more of his writing in the future.

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