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by Justin Lee

Of course I see the actual house, a little thatched roof

Riding oceanfront winds southward through Neocene

Their beachfront views shared by our grandfathers,

But there before the flowers bloomed.

So long - but what is long, when reflected in embers of the swaying fronds

A history fleeting with the receding tides and charcoal smoke

What I thought was wonder instead has me thinking of scarcity

It’s possible to think more than one thing at once, and fear

Of leaving a life since long-ago

Rides along unanimity with the megalodons and clownfish

But I hold out hope, the prayer plant closing its long leaves

Holding cloud-shade as we all come together

While the house moves swiftly through the year


Justin Lee is a senior at Nevada State High School. He is the editor-in-chief for his school's newspaper, and his work has been published or is forthcoming in 3Elements Review, Blue Marble Review, Eunoia Review, and others. When he isn't writing, Justin is either sketching or eating obscene amounts of peanut butter straight from the jar.

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