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Lines of the Apocalypse

by Aiden Zhou

I ambled along the sea-bank,

Lone at the edge of time;

Amidst a world eroded, sank

In swells of salt and brine.

Preserved is the fluttering wind

Dancing through the dead land;

As moss-tombed corpses lie behind

Across the boundless sand.

Whose dreadful hand could raze and fell

Thy posts of rooted steel?

And tear from ivory citadels

Forests of copper teal.

I stand immortal but forlorn,

A husk of rotting skin;

As feasting vultures smirk in scorn

At our eternal sin.

Yet the sky glints a painful blue,

The sun blind brightly looms;

Flaxen grass kissed green by dew

Embrace the blossoms’ bloom.

And from the heavens I did see

Man’s final fire iced;

A burnéd world, from us set free

To bathe in candlelight.

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