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The Writers Strike: A Battle for Fair Compensation

by Alicia Pham

In the summer of 2023, the entertainment industry was plunged into turmoil as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) initiated a massive strike, leaving Hollywood paralyzed. Writers and background actors united in their fight for better working conditions, fair compensation, and acknowledgment of their vital contributions to the thriving entertainment sector.

The seeds of the 2023 Hollywood Writers Strike were sown long before it was officially declared. Writers have long been dissatisfied with their treatment by major studios and production houses. Their grievances revolved around the inadequate compensation for streaming services, unfair contracts, and minimal representation in the decision-making process. Despite playing a pivotal role in creating captivating storylines, dialogues, and characters that capture audiences' hearts, writers felt their value was under-appreciated.

The writers' demands gained momentum when they discovered that the industry's top executives received colossal paycheques, while the creatives behind the scenes struggled to make ends meet. The Writers Guild of America organized discussions, negotiations, and votes, ultimately resulting in a majority decision to strike in pursuit of better working conditions and fair compensation.

Since the strike's initiation, writers have rallied together outside major studios, holding picket signs and chanting slogans demanding fairness. To add pressure on the studios, writers have refrained from writing new scripts, leading to production delays and uncertainty for many film and TV projects. The writers' relentless pursuit of justice highlights their determination to reshape the entertainment industry's landscape.

The 2023 Hollywood Writers Strike is a defining moment for the entertainment industry. It represents a collective stand by writers, united to secure their rightful place in an industry they have helped thrive. The strike highlights the critical role played by writers in shaping the content that captivates audiences worldwide. As the strike continues, there is hope that productive negotiations will lead to a new era of fair compensation and improved working conditions for writers. The industry's future hinges on recognizing and valuing the contributions of all the people who play a part in bringing captivating stories to life on the silver screen. Only then can Hollywood truly thrive as a creative and inclusive powerhouse.


Alicia Pham is a junior from Orange County, California. She writes for her school magazine, and dabbles in poetry. In her spare time, Alicia can be found playing volleyball with friends.

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